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Nile University has supported over 600 exceling undergraduate students with full and partial scholarships ever since its establishment. These students have shown academic excellence on both the undergraduate and graduate leveland have achieved top positions in many local and international competitions.


Hagar Marzouk, joined Nile University as freshman on a full scholarship, recently named by Robohub as one of the "25 women in robotics you need to know about.". Hagar leads the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) team at NU who will be participating in the ROV Competition in Feb.

Mohamed Omar, undergraduate student, wins over 26 medals in International Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. "The first time I traveled to the USA I was doing an exchange program with Nile University. I was extremely excited to train abroad for the first time and compete. I managed to find one of the best academies in the world.”. I am extremely thankful for having this opportunity to study abroad with NU because it gave me a chance to explore and develop myself. I would have never reached where I am right now without this opportunity . NU opened the door for me and until now I still go to the US to train and improve in my sport."

Fadi Amgad Galess is originally from Suhaj governorate, he is an Engineering student at Nile University and a recipient of the Banque Misr Scholarship. Fadi has received 4 certificates from Microsoft Virtual Academy Won with his team from Assiut, the Intel and the InnovEgypt Award in the IbTIECar Competition organized by TIEC. Their wining Project was entitled "الحقني" aiming to alleviate demand on public hospitals using an application indicating the nearest health points which may be better option for non-life threatening illnesses.

Doha Zaki is a student at NU’s Business Program. She is a recipient of the Sawiris Foundation Scholarship.and has also obtained acceptance into Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria for a Summer semester. “At Nile University I have been taught if I want to pursue a real meaning of life, I have to embrace unknown, and ever since then, I have been jumping many comfort zones, and I have been growing in experience and looking more forward the future.“. “Nile University made me closer to my dream by offering both good quality of education, and assistance to gain more education in the regional international market. Nile University is just the beginning of each and every dream to come true.”

Ahmed Bartakh & Khaled Mohamed, Both Engineering undergraduate students won second place award in IbTIECar Competition, organized by TIEC for their graduation project 'Smart Access Systems'. The project is developed at the Vodafone Unit for Mobile Innovation at NU. Builds on (NFC) technology. Enabling various cards used to access, work facilities, transportation means, etc., to be replaced by a single card, that is, the smartphone with NFC. Selected among 15 teams across the MENA region in Intel’s ChallengeMe competition in Beirut, Lebanon in 2015.

Under the supervision of Dr. Alaa Hamdy, Dr. Mahmoud Allam and Dr. Rafik Guindi, a team of undergraduate students: Abdelrahman Fahim, Mohamed Amr and Omar Moanes, started “Accessny”. The project was adapted into a business and has been declared a winner in the INJAZ Egypt competition; ‘Startup Egypt’. The team received a seed fund of EGP 50,000 to implement the project. Seeking to deeepen his understanding in the field, Abdelrahman is now enrolled as a research assistant in Nile University’s Center for Informatics Science.

Noha El Kammah joined Nile University's undergraduate program and received a full scholarship for her outstanding academic achievements. During her studies in Engineering, Noha showed remarkable dedication and excellence and was recruited directly after her graduation by Valeo. On her track to success, Noha was selected as a member of 'Women in Valeo', a program that focuses on development of promising women in different fields of the business. This is what Noha’s team leader at Valeo had to say about her: “As a team leader, I have supervised Noha El Kammah who joined my team after getting her bachelor degree from NU. Noha impressed me with her intellectual skills which supported her to work on advanced topics related to analysis of safety-critical systems.” – Hossam Yehia, SW safety expert at Valeo

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Donations provided to Nile University every year helped cover the research and master study costs for 300 Research Assistant in different faculties and research centers. These research assistants work on break-through discoveries in diverse fields of research and create new initiatives and technologies every year.

Ahmed Mamdouh, whose study and research costs were covered by a full scholarship, won ‘Best Poster Paper Award in Machine Vision Application’ conference in 2013. Mamdouh’s research was concerned with Vehicles detection and tracking in videos for very crowded scenes. Mamdouh was also recognized for wining the ‘ACAM ICPC’ National and Regional Contest.

Abdelrahman Fahim, Graduate of NU’s Bachelor Program and currently research assistant at NU’s Center for Informatics Science. Started with his team their own company “Accessny”. Accessny” was 1of 7 winners to be awarded seed funding of EGP 50,000 at Injaz Competition. Efficient Tag Identification Schemes for Multi-reader RFID Systems. Currently crowd funding and selling a range of products including Smart Business Cards.

Ahmed Nassar, Graduate of NU’s Bachelor Program and currently research assistant at NU’s Center for Informatics Science. Developed his own Company “Glimp”. Glimp is a mobile app providing geo-located video sharing. Glimp was offered incubation in Jordan.

Samira Negm, Student at the MOT Program, Samira won many awards for her project Raye7, a Social Mobile App for car-pooling that takes into consideration social aspects of the Egyptian society. Germany’s Do School Award and Seed Fund Prize for her role in social the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Gouna, 2015. Second place in Nawah competition by (organized by ILO and MCSBE).

Hossam Al Antiry, Research Assistant at the Nanoelecronics Integrated Systems Center (NISC). Hossam is Working on a grant from Belgium to develop materials with lower density capable of generating higher efficiency and lower costs for solar cells. His project was patented in Belgium

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NU has recruited more than 40 faculty members who are each experts in their own fields. They have collectively published over 400 publications and have been selected for state awards, best paper awards, research grants as well as consulting for ministries.

A donation to support faculty will ensure the continuity of the university’s high standard of education. Embodying the objective of NU in building its own caliber of faculty who have received the best of local and internatonal education, is Dr. Ahmed Shosha. Dr. Shosha earned his Master’s degree in Information Security from Nile University. This qualified him to receive a PhD degree from the School of Computer Science & Informatics; University College Dublin and work at the Digital Forensic Investigation Research Lab. After successfully completing his PhD degree, Dr. Shosha has chosen to join Nile University as a faculty member and pursue his career at NU.

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Vodafone Egypt Foundation Mobile for Good research unit exists in Nile University under the WINC division. The unit was established to encourage research and development in the field of mobile innovations. The innovations are focused on fields that are most relevant and beneficiary for the community such as healthcare, safety and education. The unit is equipped with mobile phones, medical devices for healthcare and other wireless sensor platforms necessary to conduct research.

Since its establishment, the unit has incubated many diverse projects ranging from graduation projects, research projects and entrepreneurial start-ups. One of the notable research activities under this unit is an undergraduate project concerned with designing, developing and prototyping electronic keys using NFC-enabled smart phones. This is achieved through the use of smart phones to complement traditional keys with "electronic" keys that can be opened and shut using the smart phones, on the spot or remotely. This is envisioned to not only bring an extra dimension of safety and security to households in Egypt (against trespassers) but also adds the flexibility (to open the door remotely using the smart phone, when needed) and complements the traditional keys we use today to which the system falls back in case of power outage. This can also be further developed to serve the needs of the handicapped as it enables them to open doors and control devices with just a touch on their smart phones.

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