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I urge all those who believe that education is crucial in Egypt and the entire region development efforts and those who appreciate the value of research in solving many of our intransigent problems and creating innovation based enterprises to increase competitiveness, I urge you to give generously to Nile University to transform the dreams to reality. Since the beginning of time Egypt has been described as the gift of the Nile. Egyptians as a result have been attached to the Nile; the life giving source of their prosperity both for their land and descendants for centuries. Nowadays, Egypt’s real fortune lies in its human resources, who given the opportunity and right environment, have proven time and time again their proficiency, creativity and innovation in all fields. In today’s modern, fast-changing world, it is crucial for a nation to have well educated citizens and a well-trained work force to survive and prosper. Therefore, a lot of effort is needed on all levels of education; radical upgrades are required to cope with the latest and up to date scientific discoveries and cutting edge innovations which are quickly spreading all over the globe. In addition, a significant revolution in technology is taking place at a breath-taking pace. This revolution is reflected on both the people’s welfare and the standard of living. The growing need for a new approach to education that matched the requirements of today’s technology-driven economy and the demands of the current job market was the major drive behind the creation of Nile University. Nile University aims at establishing advanced baccalaureate, professional, post graduate education and scientific research, as well as building future leaders and, in the process, enriching the academic aptitudes of graduates, through quality higher education in the modern fields to meet local and global market needs. This will not only serve to advance students’ careers but will also have an effective impact on the national and regional economies. Any contributions to Nile University, no matter what form or how small they may be, will not only support the University in its quest towards excellence and innovation, but will also represent a much needed investment in the future well-being of our society at large. Gifts to Nile University can be made following one of three methods:

  • One-time contribution
  • Planned contribution
  • Endowments