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A contribution to Nile University is an investment in the future of generations to come, yearning for opportunities for empowerment and advancement. It is also a commitment to providing long term solutions to persistent and emerging challenges that face Egypt today such as alternative energy solutions, pollution management and control, affordable medical care, water desalination, agriculture development, traffic control, ….. and many other topics of vital importance that call for advanced applied research. such advanced research can only be developed in technologically oriented, research based institutions such as Nile University.At this turning point in the history of Egyptian universities, Nile University is reaching out to the community leaders, academics, philanthropists and socially responsible organizations requesting their support towards the realization of its vision as a world-class research university, and the fulfillment of its mission to drive technology based economies in the region. Enabling excellence in scientific research and academic programs offered to deserving young men and women seeking excellence in education and state-of-the-art research. There are many ways persons and organizations can make a significant contribution to support academic and research activities at the university as well as assist in the completion of the university campus in a way that embodies its mission as the Egyptian entrepreneurial research university:A University which services researchers, faculty, students and start-ups from all over the nation and opens its doors to the community through scientific, cultural and artistic activities.